Through my illustrations, I communicate your company's stories and messages with clarity and creativity. Featuring bright colours, bold characters and organic shapes, they infuse joy and ease into a range of topics, ensuring your brand stands out and captures attention. 

My expertise lies in creating hand-drawn digital illustrations that are tailored to your needs. The work I create is suitable for: 

• commercial illustration
• editorial illustration
• digital use (websites, social media, mobile apps, ...)
• print products (flyers, posters ...)
• books & publishing
• product packaging
• greeting cards & stationary 



To give each place its own atmosphere, I transform blank walls into unique murals that enhance any space. Every wall painting tells its own unique story, reflecting your values and ideals. Working with a range of bold colours, my hand-painted murals create a place that will inspire and lift you up.

I create murals for:

• restaurants & bars
• offices, co-working spaces, event rooms, hotels
• educational institutions
•  service providers with business premises (hair salon, gym, ...)        
•  retail, shops, shopping centres
• hospitals, medical practices or wellness centres
• cultural facilities and community spaces 

Sounds good? 

Petra Holländer ©2023 
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