My expertise lies in creating hand-drawn illustrations that are tailored to your needs. Whether for print, editorial, products, websites or advertising, my illustrations will help you stand out and be seen.

I create illustrations with a message, communicating your company's content and stories to your audience. With their bright colours, bold characters and abstract shapes, my illustrations bring a sense of joy and ease to a variety of subjects.



How I work:

individual & unique
Standard solutions are not part of my approach, instead I create unique and individual artworks.
professional & thoughtful
With my education in graphic design and ongoing training, I aim to produce excellent, professional work. Not only do I put my heart and soul into every project, but I also carefully consider every step of the process.
with high artistic standards
I create artwork that meets your needs while maintaining my high artistic standards. Simply because I want to create meaningful pieces that bring both you and me happiness :)
Petra Holländer ©2023 
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